Rod Johnson

  - Agile J2EE has saved the J2EE platform from destroying itself via
    its own best practices (blueprints).

  - AOP 

    Not growing as fast as he expected, but it will continue to grow

    AspectJ 5.0 will be the definitive AOP framework going forward


      Hard to see the benefit now

    JCP standardization not appropriate for AOP.  AOP is not

    Proxy-based AOP: a transitional technology

    Implications of AOP for app servers

    - We'll see an evolution from a monolithic container to a service
      integration point.  I think he's saying the app server is being

    Technologies to watch

      IoC/Dependency injection


      O-R mapping.  

      Post struts 1.x web technology

      Value add web technologies

        Struts 2.0 is moving into workflow


        Spring is adding web flow technology

     Rich Client

     Technical skills to acquire


       Ability to set and ensure project direction

       Offshoring: it's coming, if you know to leverage, you'll have a