Gregor Hohpe SOA - Same Old Architecture

I often have angst about how my relatively narrow focus on web
presentation technologies, and faces in specific, is potentially career
limiting.  Therefore, I'm taking steps to look up and look around.
Mr. Hohpe's talk is such a step.  He has so much to say about SOA, and
appears to understand the software development practice on its own very
well.  So attending the talk, while I won't retain nearly all of the
content, is very valuable.  I'll put his book Enterprise Integration
Patterns on my Safari bookshelf.

By the way, I think it's really great that Sun pays for all of its
employees to have access to the Safari Books service.

Regarding the talk itself, a good point that ties into my angst is that
architectural patterns don't evolve that fast, but the vendor economics
dictates that they want their products to evolve and sell quickly, so
they spin it so the state of the art seems to be evolving very quickly.