In case you need it, here's a jumpstart on using for your JSR. 1. get a id (duh) 2. Create a project called something like NAME-spec-public in the JSR community. We try to keep all the projects that correspond to JSRs in that project. For NAME, I recommend jsf-metadata. The -spec-public part is a practice we've been following thus far. Use this project's issue tracker as your main issue tracker. 3. Once your project is approved, create a private sub-project, called NAME-spec-eg This will hold the CVS repository and any other artifacts you don't want to share with the general public, as per JCP guidelines. We generally don't use the issue tracker on the private sub-project. 4. I recommend against using the mailing lists for EG correspondence. Their search engine is sucky compared to the one you get by using the mailing list. 5. Make all your EG members get ids, and add them as members to NAME-spec-eg. Generally, I hate attachments so I like to use the documents and files section of the NAME-spec-eg project as much as possible, sending URLs around instead. Technorati Tags: edburns