Live band, Magnetic Poetry, during the walk in stage. It was a great idea to have them play. Very slick opening video with hip looking actor talking about how great java is, 10 years, changing the face of the computer industry. Presonally, these hyper-slick videos are a bit offputting to me, but the point of what it was saying is true: java has done pretty well since its inception. I also disliked the cultish quality, including the use of the word disciples.

John Gage emphasizes the importance of interpersonal relations, at this conference: meeting people. I felt it was kinda like church. I felt like he was going to ask me to say "peace be with you" to my neighbor. Again, the point is true, this conference is all about high bandwidth communication and I'm lucky to be here.

Jonathan Schwartz. I've always loved attending his talks. He's a great speaker who gets the audience really fired up. His main point was to explain what he means by the "participation age". First killer app on the network: light. Thomas Edison wanted DC current, he patented the lightbulb, first example of vendor lock in. Ultimately AC won. Moral: Sharing important: monopolies fail.

I'm really glad he's emphasizing the social value of the network. The fruits of participation: MIT open sources its curriculum, ebay is its own economy, UN uses it to fight poverty, brazil uses it for social services, EA and other companies are using it for entertainment.

"The information age is over, long live the participation age." Participation age is about wealth building. Media, technology and social service are merging.

Yasushi Nishimura, Panasonic. Talked about Blu-ray disc. All Blu-ray devices will have Java. Menus and interactive menus will be done with Java. Now I have a vested interest in the DVD format war! Of course, Microsoft is putting its weight behind the other high def DVD format.

IBM has re-committed to Java. The big chill is over! IBM will have all of their software portfolio supported on OpenSolaris.

A hush comes over the crowd when the topic comes to open source. Most popular software products are free. Jonathan Repeats Stallman's credo that there is a social utility to free software.

Big announcement of glassfish. Sun's implementation of Server Side Java.

Johnny Loiacono hitting the same notes about the past. How much java there is, etc. Not as compelling as the future talk. Now, showing the perccentage increases in these areas of the past 12 months, that's compelling. Announces the CDDL of SJSAS9. Talks a bit about CDDL. Patent Protection and indemnification. Preserves compatability.

Tor gets up and shows the autocomplete demo. This didn't get as much crowd reaction as I would have hoped.

Charles Beckham shows JBI in Sun Studio Enterprise. Nice.

David Yach from Research in Motion (RIM). Shows how to develop and deploy RIM apps using their eclipse plugin.

Puts in a plug for dtrace. New: DTrace for Java.

$29.95 a month for three years for the new Ultra20. No risk for 90 days.

T-shirt hurling contest. Weak.

Birthday party for Java. Assembled the original Java team on stage. A nice gesture.

Graham Hamilton, java name change: drop the "2" and the decimal. Java SE 6 themes: Theme 1. quailty, theme 2 tracability monitoring, theme 3 XML and web services: client focused subset of the XML apis. Theme 4: Ease of development. Scripting language support, including Rhino, JSR-223. Javascript will be a part of the platform. JDBC 4.0, more Javadoc enhancements. Theme 5. Desktop! Full Longhorn support. Including Avalon lnf. LCD font rendering, windows system tray support, graphics pipeline support (openGL, DirectX)., weekly builds. You can fix the bugs you really care about!

JRL, JDL, and new internal use license: JIUL. Do compatability on the honor system. Don't have to run the TCK, just make best effort. Used if you need to fix a bug for an internal depolyment.

JavaSE 7, dolphin. features. Direct XML support. Method References (HAVE TO TALK TO WHO IS DOING THIS, talk about EL). Progamming in the large. sharing of private state between collaborative packages. JVM Bytecodes for dynamic languages. New IO APIs, virtual file systems, JAR packaging mechanism. Separate distribution caching and loading.

Bill Shannon. Java EE EOD. POJO based development got lots of applause. Resource injection and IOC also got a smattering of applause.

More detail on glassfish.

Mark Hapner on SOA. SOA is going to change the way we develop services on the java platform. Mark has a tough timeslot, being so late in the session. Different ways to implement a service: XSLT, EJB, BPEL, SQL, XQuery, etc.

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