Amazon notes

Very similar to eBay's talk yesterday. You can join an amazon associate program and get money based on sales you send to Amazon. It would be interesting to compare the richness of the APIs at eBay and Amazon.

80% of their WS calls are REST, 20% SOAP.

These two talks make it clear that Web Services have passed the tipping point for adoption. Good thing there is such good support for it in Java.

Nifty demo app showing product search using their APIs. Hivezone Educational site to learn the APIs. Generates Java code to do the web service. I wonder of eBay has something like it?

Amazon queue service. A hosted queue data structure. This is the first instance I've seen of an internet hosted public data structure.

Alexa is a web crawl company owned by Amazon. Their 300 TB of crawl data is accessible using their WS APIs. Contact info, site speed, ranking, adult content flag, links. Good example of use of Alexa data.

Business Opportunities. Amazon Associates, Marketplace seller, software developer: way to tell the amazon value of a book. Amazon Products Feed.

Summary: amazon offers three web services. They're easy to use from Java, you can get started today.

The takeaway for me from this and the ebay talk is there are lots of ways to make money with a little bit of innovation. We have amazon, eBay, and paypal that have web service APIs from which you can make real money. What others are out there?

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