To follow up to my previous blog about the desire for, I'd like to talk about using Project JXTA in the interim (and perhaps indefinately, if people like it) to fill the gap.

Shortly after posting the above blog, I was contacted by James Todd about the possibility of using MyJXTA as a distributed chat service. I tried it out, and it seems to fit the bill pretty well.

So, I've created a public jxta group called jsfaces. You can join by using Java WebStart and clicking on this link.

In my opinion, the number one advantage JXTA has over old school IRC is the ability to easily tunnel through HTTP using the standard java control panel proxy settings. In this way companies like Oracle, with firewalls that only permit HTTP to traverse, can participate in the chat.

I hope to see you all in the jsfaces chat room!

In any case, please continue to vote for, even if you try out JXTA.

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