This blog just collects some bugs I've filed on NetBeans and the fixes and workarounds they have. Also, I want to take this opportunity to say that the netbeans team is incredibly responsive to bug reports, especially finding and marking duplicates. Us users really appreciate it. Personally, as a member of Sun's JSF team, you are an inspiration for me to be more responsive to my bugs!

  • The focus lost bug

    This one appears to be Mac only and apparently the result of a bug in the Mac JDK, which has been filed. Tim Bray reported the following workaround:

    There is a well-known workaround: using the menu, select Edit/Find. Dismiss the dialogue and you have focus back.
  • Expand the projects node to the document that currently has the focus.

    I love this one. On the Mac, with emacs mode enabled, the shortcut is Shift-Meta-1. Likewise for the files and and favorites tab it's Shift-Meta-2 and Shift-Meta-3 respectively.

  • Support for

    There is now a wizard for creating Nice.

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There are many more but that's all I have time for now.