As mentioned in an earlier blog, Glassfish has successfully run Oracle's ADF Faces components. If you look in the comments, though, there were some bugs that prevent it from running in the latest Glassfish, but happily these have now been fixed. I have verified that this has been successfully fixed in today's nightly glassfish build, after overlaying the latest JSF nightly on top of it. The rest of this blog will cover how to perform an overlay of a JSF nightly build on top of a glassfish binary or source build. This is necessary until the next JSF integration into Glassfish, which is scheduled for today, but won't be available in a promoted build until next week.

The JSF Team has a new, experimental, download offering in its Documents and Files section that will overlay the latest JSF nightly onto a given glassfish install directory. Please visit the nightly build section of the JSF Documents and Files project and download the jsf-glassfish-updater.jar. This file contains the latest JSF nightly and can be executed as follows to install it into glassfish.

java -jar jsf-glassfish-updater.jar <PATH_TO_YOUR_GLASSFISH_INSTALL_DIRECTORY>

Where PATH_TO_YOUR_GLASSFISH_INSTALL_DIRECTORY is the parent of the lib, bin,domains (and so on) directories.

The jsf-glassfish-updater.jar file will be updated nightly with the latest JSF nightly build, and is a great way to get the latest JSF in cases where there is no available Glassfish build with the bug-fix you need, or you just don't want to download a whole new Glassfish.

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