Many thanks to my pal Vernon Singleton for handholding me through the process of converting these huge QuickTime files down to much smaller FLV and SWF files. Maybe he'll do a blog on how to do it!

Nearly a year ago, the BluePrints and JSF teams at Sun began to work on the story of how AJAX and JSF would work together. As we began to get into it, we found that these two technologies were very complimentary. We developed and continue to refine techniques for how to use AJAX with JSF.

The landing page for the Java BluePrints AJAX components is:<>

I've recorded a screencast blog for each of the components in the catalog. Please excuse my slow pace of speaking, I'm aware that we have a large contingent of European JSF developers and my tendency is to speak fast American English. Therefore, I made a conscious effort to speak slowly.

These components leverage the Dojo Toolkit and make use of the JSFPhaseListener approach for serving up JavaScript files and handling AJAX requests on the JSF server. This approach was innovated by the Blueprints and JSF teams and generalized in the Shale Remoting library, which these components leverage to great effect.

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