In my recent spate of speaking engagements, I have been including a "motherhood and apple pie" slide in my presentations about JSF and Ajax. I put this in my slides in response to a question I sometimes hear when I make the case for JSF and Ajax. The question goes something like this:

Hey, why do I need JSF, or any other server side framework for that matter? With Ajax, or things like GWT, can't I just put it all in the client? I mean, let's just do everything in JavaScript!

You're welcome to do that, but if you do, please know that you'll have to do all of these things yourself.Screen capture of slide showing basic requirements of web apps As you may guess, JSF already does all of these for you, does them quite well, and does them in a way that is an industry standard, with the brainpower of leading minds from Oracle, Sun, IBM, Apache, the Open Source Community, and others.

This is why I have been spending my spare time trying to get Project jMaki to have first class support for JSF as a core part of its feature set and value proposition. In fact, if you support this idea, please send an email to the jMaki User list saying that you think this is important. For some exmples of this in action, please see here, here, here, and here.