Because JavaServer Faces technology is delivered by Sun as a part of the Java EE SDKand also Project Glassfish, the Sun JSF team strongly feels that community is important. To that end, I've been plugging the use of the ##jsf irc channel on as a community resource. My team and I try to maintain a daily presence in the channel. Since we started hanging out there, we've seen the daily traffic steadily grow.

Now that over a year has passed, I thought it would be fun to throw in a graph. Here is a chart of the daily log size for the ##jsf channel, where each data point is a weekly average of the size, in bytes, of the daily log file. The first datapoint in the x axis is from the fourth week of 2006, on up to today.

If you want to join the channel, please see the instructions at the JSF main site.


Many thanks to Geert Bevinwho, very graciously and professionally provides the log bot on the channel.

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