JavaOne is practically here, so I thought I'd give a preview of one of the sessions I'm on next week. This one is close to my heart, BOF 6825 Testing Web 2.0 Features, Using Real-World Applications. I'll be talking about using The Mozilla Control Program (MCP) to write an automated test that exercise an Ajax application. Big deal, right? Well, yes because MCP enables you to make assertions about the actual Ajax transactions, and also allows you to access the browser DOM using the plain old W3C DOM API in Java.

To make this easy, I've recorded an Elluminate screencast showing MCP in action testing the Dynamic Faces and jMaki sample application. If you're a Sun employee and you choose not to view this screencast just because I'm making you use JavaWebStart to view it, please tell me so I can report you to the "eating our own dogfood" police.

To view the screencast, click here.