I received three submissions to the contest. This is about what I expected given the amount of publicity I gave it (zero, aside from just posting the blog) and the difficulty of the task (not too hard, but non-trivial for most). I'm very happy with the submissions.

The winning submission was picked by the following criteria:

  • How well does it print? Does it print exactly one or exactly two issues to a page?

    How well can the output be used in the SCRUM meeting next week?

  • Am I satisfied with the information included in the printout of each issue by default?

  • How easy is it to modify the solution to reveal different information?

After carefully judging the entries I'm happy to report that Imre O?wald's entry is the winner! It was very tough to judge between Imre's submission and the runner-up, from Oliver Becker. In the end, I liked how Imre's looked. He had the priorities called out really nicely.

Imre, please contact me via email and we'll discuss how to get you the prize.

Thanks Oliver and arock392 for taking the time for the submissions!

ADDITION: Here is what the current state of open JSF issues looks like rendered with Imre's stylesheet: http://weblogs.java.net/blog/edburns/archive/20080815-jsf-spec-public-issues.html.

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