The annual ritual of JavaOne paper submissions and reviews has come to an end.  Some are chosen, many more are not.  Even though I’ve been on the review team for the “Next Generation Web” track for the past three years, only one of the five talks I submitted was accepted, and I bet you can guess which one.

  1. A tale of two platforms: mixing Java EE and Yahoo!        Blueprints Widgets on mobile device applications. (Submitted        with Yara Senger of Globalcode)

  3. Secrets of the Rock Star programmers       

  5. You call that full stack?  First class JavaEE and        JavaFX integration (Submitted with Robert Ekstein of Sun)

  7. Social Networking with JavaServer Faces 2.0, Portlet        2.0, and Ajax Push (Submitted with Neil Griffin of        ICEsoft)

  9. A complete Tour Of the JavaServer Faces 2.0 Platform        (Submitted with Roger Kitain of Sun)


I'm writing this blog not to complain about the selections, but to illustrate the impartiality of the review team when it comes to Sun or non-Sun submissions.  So, if your submission wasn’t accepted either, take heart!  There are plenty of other conferences around. Consider JAOO, Jazoon, Devoxx, JSFOne, and many more.  As for my one accepted talk, Roger and I will try our best to make it new, exciting, and comprehensive!

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    Hi, you forgot to mention the famous JavaZone in Norway... I'd love to hear more about JSF 2.0 at the next JavaZone conference in September 2009. call for papers... //