When I was updating our Getting Started with JSF page, I had cause to visit JCP.org, and found that the long awaited new site is available.  Please check it out at <http://jcp.org/>. Congratulations to the JCP team for pushing through and getting it done!

Also, I've published the data sheet we handed out at the JavaOne booth for Sun’s Java EE SDK.  The datasheet is available at <https://javaserverfaces.dev.java.net/presentations/20090520-jsf2-datasheet.pdf>.

Please try the JavaEE SDK download, it includes the latest implementation of JSF2.0, and some nice, ready to run samples.  These include

  • scrumtoys: a complete app developed for us by Yara and Vinicius Senger and a team at Globalcode.

  • basic-ezcomp: a starter app for composite components, developed by Jim Driscoll.

  • basic-ajax: a starter app for the very smooth Ajax intergation in JSF2, also developed by Jim Driscoll

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