My last blog entry about JSR-314-OPEN@JCP.ORG was over a year ago. This list is the official Expert Group (EG) mailing list on which the development of the JSR-314 specification (JSF 2.0) is discussed. The information on how to subscribe/unsubscribe to this list changed in June 2010, but I haven't updated any existing information or blogged any new information about it. This is the overdue blog entry!

The new way to subscribe/unsubscribe to JSR-314-OPEN@JCP.ORG is to send mail to <>.

To subscribe to the list in read-only mode make the subject of the email be "subscribe jsr-314-open".

To unsubscribe from the list, make the subject of the email be "unsubscribe jsr-314-open".

Only official EG members and Extended EG members may post to the list. If you want to become an Extended EG member the best way to do it is to make yourself known to one of the existing EG members who can petition the EG for you to be added as an Extended EG member. In general, you'll need a good reason for being accepted to the Extended EG. Having lots of experience with and passion for JSF certainly helps.

Finally, there will very likely be at least one more change to how one subscribes to JSR-314-OPEN, but this change is waiting on the resolution larger issues with the JCP itself.

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