In an effort to promote my continuing belief that standards are for standardizing, and not innovating, I am announcing the start of the JSF 2.2 JSR effort with a blog entry mostly copied from the entry announcing the start of the previous iteration of the JSF JSR.


Its time we get moving on JSF 2.2, so Oracle’s JSF team decided to go public with a pre-JCP-filing of the JSR for JavaServer Faces 2.2. The draft of the document at has been through several rounds of Oracle internal review and also was sent to the JSF 2.0 Expert Group in the same breath with which I posted this blog entry. Please review the draft and post comments here on this blog.


If you want to go even deeper into shaping JSF 2.2 and the JSR submission, you can view and edit the wiki for a JSF 2.2 Requirements Scratchpad document. When the JSR gets rolling, the requirements in that document will be turned into issues in the JavaServer Faces Specification Issue Tracker. If you like, you can just skip the wiki and file issues there straight out.


In the iron triangle of software development, we are going to hold the “time” parameter to calendar year 2011 and “resources” parameter to our current level of resources.  That leaves the “scope” parameter, which we will adjust to whatever we can do with those constraints while achieving the high quality to which our users are accustomed.  Note that this will have JSF 2.2 finishing well before JavaEE 7, which will give us time to evaluate what needs to be done for that release after JSF 2.2 is complete


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  • adriaaaaan Newbie

    What about bug fixes though? Are there any plans for intermediate releases to fixed some of the regressions in 2.1? Most specifically  Our App was built for the ground up on jsf2 and has been in production since april!  This bug however means we're stuck on gf3.0.1 (and the massive memory leaks in weld).  I really can't wait a whole year :S


    p.s. is it somehow possible to use jsf 2.0.2 in gf 3.1?  I've had no luck at finding working information on using 3rd party jsf libraries.

    • werlitz Newbie

      Well it seems that not everyone on can edit the wiki page. I have several ideas for improving JSF in the next version. Should I directly start creating JIRA issues instead?

      I agree that the current implementation of Mojarra 2.1 still has some major bugs that need to be fixed as soon as possible, most prominent JAVASERVERFACES-1825 and JAVASERVERFACES-1817. These really block or complicate production.