As mentioned earlier and elsewhere, JSF 2.2 is getting started right now. This blog entry is a call for serious, committed participation in the JCP Expert Group dedicated to delivering that specification.

Ever since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and Java, there has been criticism of their handling of community and JCP. Some have gone so far as to say that Java is no longer free as in speech, and that JCP stands for "just customers please". I'm here to tell you that, as with most sweeping generalizations, your mileage may vary. The JCP affords, and Oracle management allows, their spec leads wide latitude in how they want to run their expert groups. Under JCP, spec leads can be as open as they want, as long as some minimum level of open-ness is met. As long as I've been running the JSF expert group, we've been very open. In fact, since March 5 2009 the JSF expert group mailing list has been publically readable, and even before that I've been very willing to accept EG nominations from any qualified individual or organization. This will continue to be the case for JSR 344.

If you are serious about contributing to the Expert Group, have your employer join JCP, or you can join as an individual. Once you have joined JCP and your JSPA is on file, fill out this form to nominate yourself to join the Expert Group. Expert Group members are expected to contribute at least three hours a week to constructively participating in developing the spec, mainly via the mailing list, but sometimes in teleconferences and via tasks I delegate to group members.

If full EG membership is not your cup of Java, you can observe the expert group discussion list by subscribing to You must first join, which you can do at <> (yes, it's a JRuby on Rails app). The welcome email on the observer's list includes a link to the JSR-344 welcome email, which contains a wealth of information about how the Expert Group is run. Particularly useful is the link to the issuetracker of record for the EG, <>.

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