I've been blessed with the opportunity to speak about JSF 2.2 atJavaZoneand JavaOne. Just before both events I'm doing a full day JSF 2.2 class. This blog entry advertises both classes.

JSF 2.2 Class in Mannheim, Germany Monday 2013-09-09

Thanks to Papick Taboada, I partnered with OIO to present a full day JSF 2.2 class at their facility in Mannheim, Germany on Monday 2013-09-09. Here is the agenda for the class.

JSF 2.2 is the latest evolution in the standard UI framework for Java EE. This full day session covers what's new in JSF 2.2 and also presents these new features in Java EE 7 that are particularly interesting to JSF developers. The timing is as follows: The morning session will cover "JSF 2.2 New Features", basically Faces Flows, Resource Library Contracts and HTML5 Friendly Markup and the afternoon session will cover the new features in Java EE 7 with interest to JSF, in particular Bean Validation 1.1, EL 3.0 and JPA 2.1. A VM will be provided that has all the course materials and examples.

Morning session

Faces Flows

  • How to declare flows
  • How to navigate with flows
  • Flow scoped data

Resource Library Contracts

  • Review of Facelets core concepts
  • How to declare a resource library contract
  • How to apply them to sub-sections of your app

HTML5 Friendly Markup

  • This feature brings the "pure HTML" qualities of Wicket to JSF, without the accompanying Wicket baggage of having to write the same thing twice, once in markup and once in Java.
  • Pass Through Elements
  • Pass Through Attributes

Other new features

  • Cross Site Request Forgery protection
  • View Actions
  • Automatic tag creation

Afternoon session

CDI 1.1

  • Initialized/Destroyed

Bean Validation 1.1

  • Method validation brings design-by-contract to java

EL 3.0

  • Lambda expressions before Java SE 8

JPA 2.1

  • Query enhancements
  • CDI injection into event listeners

Complete details can be found at <http://bit.ly/jsf22de2013>.

JSF 2.2 Class in San Francisco, Germany Sunday 2013-09-22

I'm presenting the same class with two hours of additional in-depth content on HTML5 provided by Oliver Szymanski at JavaU. To the above outline, add the following.

HTML5 Primer

  • A short history of 4 to 5
  • What is HTML5 aiming for?
  • Short overview of diffs from HTML4 (markup part)
  • Overview about the different sub specs/ new APIs
  • Objective criticism about HTML5

Naturally, the other content will be shortened accordingly to make space for Oliver's content.

Complete details can be found at <http://bit.ly/jsf22us2013>