This entry lists Ed’s picks for the brand new JavaLand conference. Many of the talks are in German, but there is enough English to make it worth your time. It looks like there is a lot more English content in day two. Also, the conference was endorsed by editor Kevin Farnham in his blog post from Saturday, 1 March 2014.

Monday 25 March 2014

  • Welcome and Keynote, Fried Saacke, 9am, Wintergarden

    Currently this entire slot is earmarked for Fried Saacke. I suspect they are going to have Fried do the introduction and then have a well known speaker do a keynote presentation, but they haven’t listed who yet. Nonetheless, I expect it will be good.

  • Go Reactive: Blueprint for Future Applications, Roland Kuhn, 10am, Quantum2

    This talk points out several environmental considerations that are different about building applications now and then shows how the applications we build in light of such considerations are different

  • Moderne UIs mit server-seitigem Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Manfred Geiler and Thomas Spiegel, 11am, Irian City Stage

    This talk, by the original authors of Apache MyFaces argues that the server side UI facade is not dead yet as an architectural pattern, but rather is one tool in a growing toolbox for building modern applications.

  • 55 New Features ofJava SE 8, Simon Ritter, 12pm, Wintergarden

    The name says it all. This seems like a good single source for reducing all your ignorance of Java SE 8 to be second level or less.

  • Are you still manually coding your UIs, Maximillian Kögel, 1pm, Eclipse City Stage

    This talk sounds the old “look what you can do with technology that separates UI semantics from rendering” meme, this time with an Eclipse project called EMF Forms. This technology isn’t new, so it will be interesting to see how it has matured.

  • Tragfähige Frontend-Architekturen, Till Schulte-Coerne, 2pm, Quantum 1

    Contrasts Resource Oriented Client Architecture (ROCA) with Single Page Application architecture as a means to develop more dynamic user interfaces.

  • A New Approach to the UI for Distributed Applications, Me, 4pm, Wintergarden

    See the abstract.

  • Mechanisch, sympathisch, sucht, Pavlo Baron, 5pm, Codecentric City Stage

    This one caught my eye because I like chocolate. I hope the presenter gives out Ritter Sports to all attendees. Even if he does not, it looks like a fun talk that invites the attendee to critique the presenter’s design for a high throughput system with minimal hardware.

Tuesday 26 March 2014

  • Reaktive Programmerierung, Niko Köbler, 09am, Schauspielhaus

    I’m a fan of old-fashioned Object Oriented programming and, as such, am a skeptic of the new style of reactive programming. Perhaps Niko and Heiko will convince me.

  • Perceptual Computing und die nächste Welle der Native Interfaces, Thomas Endres, 10am, Quantum 2

    As one who has long been working in the world of Web UIs, this talk about breaking the fourth wall and having the User Interface be a part of the real world looks really interesting. Plus, their demos look really awesome.

  • Threading Bugs - Some War Stories, Heinz Kabutz, 11am, Wintergarden.

    This is a keynote, so there are no other talks going on at the same time. Nonetheless, I’d probably choose this one anyway as Heinz is a titan and a great speaker.

  • Datenbank DevOps für Entwickler, Michael Hütterman, 12pm, Quantum 1

    Michael is an expert on the emerging field of DevOps. It looks like a nice introductory talk about the topic.

  • The Little Heart of Big Enterprises, Me, 1pm, Irian City Stage

    Best to just see the abstract.

  • Play: “One Web Framework to Rule Them All”, Felix Müller, 2pm, Wintergarden

    I’ve seen James Ward himself give a talk on Play, so I have a pretty high bar. However, that was before Play 2, and according to the abstract the framework has been completely rewritten in Scala. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just use Akka in that case, but I guess I’ll find out here.

  • Building Modern Applications Using JBoss and OpenShift, Pete Muir, 3pm, Quantum 1

    I know Pete from the CDI spec and he’s a good speaker (if a quick one). This looks like a pitch for JBoss Forge, but I’ll allow him that and say it’s probably going to be a good talk anyway.

  • Das Avatar-Framework: JavaScript-Binding f