JavaLand 2015 Conference Picks

With only 44 business days to go until JavaLand 2015, I’d like to share my conference picks. I’m including my sessions for completeness, and naturally I recommend you attend them, but I’ll also include an alternate that I’d attend ]]>

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

0900, Wintergarden, Welcome Keynote: 20 Years of Java

I like to attend the plenary sessions of a conference if they are at all interesting, and Oracle Java engineer Marcus Lagergren’s looks great. It will be on the big stage. This year I’m celebrating my own 20 year anniversary with Java, since I was present at the German debut of Java at the The Third International World-Wide Web Conference in Darmstadt, Germany in April 1995. I vividly remember someone (Arthur van Hoff I think) typing, as root rm -rf /*, at the end of the demo on a Sun UNIX workstation. What flair!

1000, Schauspielhaus, Praktisches API-Design

Dieser Vortrag wird auf Deutsch gegeben, aber trotzdem empfehle sie ich weil das Thema nebem meinem Hertz liegt. Hopefully I’ll get some tips for design in JSF and Servlet.

1200, Quantum 1, Java EE 7 from an HTML5 Perspective: WebSocket, JSON, & JSF

This is my first session, and it is an overview of JavaEE 7 from the perspective of technologies useful to those developing JavaEE 7 backed apps with HTML5 user interfaces.

If I wasn’t speaking myself, I’d attend my pal Anton Epple’s 1200, Quantum 2, Wie programmiert man JavaScript in Java.

1300, Schauspielhaus, The (not so) Dark Art of Performance Tuning

My good friend Kirk Pepperdine is a global expert in this topic, and a great and entertaining speaker as well.

1400, Wintergarden, JBatch mit Apache BatchEE

Batch is one of those unglamorous yet essential technologies, and also one with a very vibrant JCP community. I remember meeting Michael Minella of Spring Batch at DevNexus 2014 and he was so excited about passing the TCK. The session speaker, Mark Struberg, is a tech titan and one of the sharpest guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s also a great speaker.

1500, Wintergarden, Where Are We At with MVC in Java EE 8

I work very closely with my co-spec lead on JSF, Manfred Riem, so I’m biased, but this session is sure to be great. MVC is one of the most talked about technologies in Java EE 8.

1600, Quantum 4, Confessions of an Automation Addict

I’m a bit of an automation addict myself, but the horse I picked to ride has fallen out of favor. Nonetheless, I still use it heavily.

1700, Schauspielhaus, Speed up Your Java by Turning it into Binary

John is a great speaker and industry veteran, and this talk has a provocative topic, so it is sure to be worthwhile.


One unique aspect of this conference is its location: a top-tier amusmement park. Think of it as a smaller mashup of Disney’s Epcot and Magic Kingdom, with German sensibilities. After the first day of the conference, some of the rides will be open to conference attendees. My favorite was Winja’s force. This is a relatively mellow roller coaster with a twist, literally. The car you sit in can rotate as it glides along the rails.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

0900, Quantum 3, Developing Native Mobile Apps Using JavaScript

This is a bit outside of my bailiwick, but my friend Hazem Saleh is a great speaker and strong proponent of Open Source. He’s also a JSF Expert Group member.

1000, Schauspielhaus, HTTP 2.0 Comes to Java EE

This is my second session, and I’ll explain what’s in store for Servlet 4.0, with a special view towards HTTP/2.

If I wasn’t speaking, I’d definitely attend Sven Peters’s Coding Culture session in Wintergarden. First off, Atlassian makes much better products than GitHub. Second, Sven is an excellent speaker, and third the talk is likely to be keynote worthy. I’m not glad to be up against him in the schedule.

1100, Wintergarden, Enterprise and Internet of Things

The Tuesday plenary is by Dr. Mark Little, who is doing a great job driving Java EE forward at JBoss. I normally don’t go in for IoT sessions, but Mark is sure to make it interesting.

1300, Schauspielhaus, Java EE Security: Let’s Make Something Useful

David Blevins is a strong community voice for improving Java EE, and security is one of the most challenging areas to improve. You can tell it’s hard just by how long it’s taken for the community to get up enough steam to tackle it in a proper JSR. Well, we have one now: JSR-375, and David will tell us how we can make the most of it.

1400, Quantum 4, Productive, Effective Development? You Weak Minded fool!

Simon Maple has done a great job building the Virtual JUG into a force for good in the Java Community. He is well positioned to deliver this kind of talk thanks to his role at ZeroTurnaround.

1500, Quantum 1, Softwarequalität steigern

This appears to be a survey talk about how to effectively use some popular tools in practice to improve software quality. I’ve never seen Andreas G¨nzel talk, but the topic is interesting to me.

1600, Quantum 4, Puppet für Entwickler

Now that Docker is all the rage, I’ll be interested to see what’s new with Puppet, or at least learn how these two popular sysadmin technologies relate to eachother. As with the previous talk, I’ve not seen Sebastian Hempel speak before this.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

As mentioned in my previous entry, Oliver Szymanski and I are presenting an entry in the training day: Java EE 7 from an HTML5 Perspective.

JavaLand was great fun and very professionally enriching last year. This year promises to be even more so. I hope to see you there!