I’m blessed with the opportunity to present the current version of my “Secrets of the Rockstar Programmers” talk at a special edition of the Orlando Java User’s Group. JUG leader Mike Levin is even more blessed with the opportunity to visit JCrete, and so chose to re-schedule the July meeting rather than canceling it.

As usual, there is free pizza!


Intrepid Conference Room
Oracle America, Inc.
7453 TG Lee Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32822-4416

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How in the world can I keep up with all this information coming at me every day?

What can I do to ensure that I keep bringing value to my employer or client and to help ensure continued career success?

What will the practice of software development look like in ten years time?

How do I know where to invest time and effort in stewarding my skillset?

In 2008, Ed Burns interviewed top programmers from a variety of software disciplines for the book “Secrets of the Rock Star Programmers”. Now in 2018, Ed revisits the cross section of secrets (aka character attributes) exhibited by these rockstars for the current world of programming.

Join this session to learn more about these characteristics that can help you become a better programmer.

Purpose of the Talk

Ed interviews some of the best programmers of our time and shares their strategies for success.

Target Audience

  • Any developer wanting to improve their career skills.

Audience Takeaway

A set of concrete, actionable steps you can take right now to become a better developer.