Raw Notes: Community-Controlled Jakarta EE with JAX-RS and MVC, Christian Kaltepoth, Markus Karg, Ivar Gramstad


  • Arrived late, Markus was sharing what has happened on the JAX-RS spec since it was somewhat transferred to Jakarta

  • COMMENT: Could not read the slides.

  • A fair amount of complaining about the roadblocks.

    • Oracle is still the official lead

    • We must not use the terms “Java” and “JAX-RS”.

    • Must not publish any new features.

    • TCK still not under their control

    • Spec doc still under Oracle sole control!

    • COMMENT: It seems like this effort is stalled

  • Getting into gear

    • Fix the above problems

    • pruning commiters to only active people

    • Publish the roadmap.

    • COMMENT: again, cannot read the slides.


  • Christian Kaltepoth. Bio.

  • Reviewing the old Java EE 8 survey, the creation of MVC, in 2014!

  • What happened next

    • Relicense under Apache 2

    • Migrate project structure

    • Finished RI

    • Created TCK

    • JCP stuff.

  • Challenges

    • Trademark issues

    • Eclipse Development Process (EDP)

    • Clean intellectual property

    • Using the infrastructure from Eclipse. Works well enough.

  • What’s next?

    • Finish the spec thru JCP: in the next month!

    • Migrate spec and TCK to Eclipse EE4J

    • First real release of Jakarta EE8

    • Become a part of Jakarta EE 9!

    • contribute https://www.mvc-spec.org/

Jakarta EE

  • There is a lot going on, but we have not conveyed it to the community.

    • COMMENT: I like how he owns that they need to do better about communicating the mission.

      • Loved the timeline.

Jakarta EE TImeline

  • TCK note: use a bottom up process

  • IMPORTANT: Eclipse Foundation Specification Process

    • Plan to finalize at the meeting today! JavaLand is timely again.
  • Showed the scrum board. Awesome.

  • See https://jakarta.ee/