I am so excited to be joining Microsoft as Principal Java Architect in their Java Tooling and Experiences team. I hope to help to make the future Java on Azure, by establishing Azure as the preferred cloud for all Java workloads.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked at Sun during their heyday, and I recall from that time a great admiration for the way Microsoft focused on developers (developers developers developers). In particular, the Project Rave/JavaStudio Creator effort was heavily influenced by VisualBasic and its associated tooling. I look forward to being a part of that kind of company again.

I will be working with my old pal and colleague Reza Rahman to enable Java EE and Jakarta EE developers on Azure. We’re hoping to also support Microprofile as well.

There is a mountain of new stuff for me here, so if I’ve ever asked you for technical help in the past, I will likely ask you again in the very near future, and I’ll offer the same help in return, as best I can.