Raw Notes from Adam Bien’s session.

Adam Bien


  • Ran archetype for simple Jakarta EE.

    • Stated, “no-one cares about distinction between Jakarta EE and Microprofile, they just use what’s there.”

    • “Time to first commit”: needs to be < 30 seconds.

    • Showed dependencies. 2: EE8 Jar, and Microprofile Jar

  • Started WebSphere OpenLiberty

  • Made a change to the rest endpoint, saw that the app was updated.

    • Demonstrates that the ThinWar needs to be less than 3kB.

    • His little script rebuilt and deployed it.

Local Cloud

  • OpenShift, with minishift

  • Then scaled with oc scale dc j4k

  • Then added Prometheus metrics, with @Metered annotation on the REST endpoint.

  • Drive home again the “start with everytning (Jakarta EE) and strip it down as needed” idea

  • Added metrics with microprofile.metrics.MetricRegistry.

  • Side story: Hystrix for circuit breaker. Netflix pulled support. However, Microprofile had it, so it was ok.

  • Skipped the actual impl of metrics. Went to Quarkus.


  • Ran quarkus maven archetype

  • Ran quarkus runner. Examined what was in the runner. The lib directory is like the base docker image. The business logic is what changes and small.

  • Hit the “one war one server” message. No need for hot deploy. Just re-start the server.

  • He thinks Quarkus takes the app server one step further because of its agility: Quarkus EE.

    • Added CDI. Added Metrics.

Docker Native

  • Create a native Docker image on your machine. This is comporable to go.