I took the security training today. Here are some general notes. Notes with a classification higher than Public are on my internal blog.

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  • I mean this in the best way possible, because I do believe that baby boomers have poisoned the future with their entitlement for all of us, but wow, this is very millenial. The course providers worked hard and successfully to make it engaging to people with little tolerance for dry content. And who likes dry content? For example:

    “That’s true for rashes and customer data.”

    “You look like a lawyer in a 90’s movie”. Hey now. That’s a bit ageist. :)

  • It is also patronizing. “We’re going to have a little quiz, which I know you’re going to great on, because we’re going to give you all the answers.” Is this necessary?

    “Focus on the kitty.” “What would the kitty do?”

    When I think of my iGen kids taking this course, I feel it is talking down to them.

  • Phishing helped give us Trump. Recognizing it is important, so I am glad this training exists.

  • I still don’t like it when they refer to slashes as “whacks”. “whack whack reportitnow”? Is this more millenialism?

  • I like the ctrl-alt-n keyboard shortcut.

  • This was a great use for my treadmill desk. treadmill desk