I’ve been very busy bringing Java EE to Azure since I joined Microsoft this June. I have devoted a fair chunk of that time to learning Azure fundamentals, getting to know the broader Java team, building the team, partnering with Oracle, and working with my Program Manager Reza Rahman to help identify and develop customers interested in Java EE on Azure. This last point is the subject of this blog post.

Announcing: Free (Gratis) High-Touch Proof of Concept for Migrating your J2EE/Java EE Software to Azure

If you’re running Java EE or J2EE in your enterprise and you want to explore migrating that software to Azure, we want to hear from you! More than that, we want to help you.
Fill out this survey and we’ll get in touch to help build a POC of your software running on Azure. No strings attached.

Free POC

Update WebLogic Server on Azure IaaS

Back in July, I documented the state of WLS on Azure IaaS in a blog post. I’m happy to say that we have made great progress since then in partnership with Oracle to update the offer, which you can read more about in Jacob Thomas’s post on the WebLogic Blog. Here is a video walk through of the IaaS offer for WLS.

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