Raw Notes from Anatole Tresch’s session

Anatole Tresch

The talk took several aspects of building enterprise software and for each aspect Anatole shared some bad things, aka anti-patterns from his experience. It was delivered as a “question/answer” framework. The questions resonated with developers.


  • Unrealstic deployment expectations, that ignore and even insult the engineers working on the deployment.

  • Q: Can't we just build a private cluster in the public cloud?

  • Q: Where's Benni today: Not on this project any more.

    • Not good management of human responsibilities.

The Human Factor

  • Good employees are…

  • Good managers are…

Try not to laugh challenge…

Building on the meme from YouTube.

Some actual code examples.

The System

  • Listed the runtime SLA requirements for a system.


  • modern Browser based

  • Java

  • Performance better than fat client system

  • Functions as a blueprint for other applications

Architecture decisions

  • The decisions made during the development.

Reality check

  • Some problems encountered

    • Spring Boot likes Tomcat standalone, does not behave exactly the same when in JBoss

    • Application monitoring doesn’t work that way

    • Redundant and incompatible security mechanisms

    • One monolithic build for whole project

      • Can’t separate the generalized artifacts and the original application
    • Stateless

      • Caused high complexity in the UI

      • Duplication of backend logic on the business-tier. For example: value objects.

    • Choice to use subversion

      • Quality and stability problem

      • Huge merge problems

      • Ended up building the git workflow anyway.

    • Database

      • Database version not under control of project team

      • Problems with unrelated runtime changes

    • Backend

      • Complex OSGi based installation

      • Not scalable 5 parallel users on one instance. Too expensive.

      • Took a couple weeks to get the back end updated to a new version

      • backend