This page is a tribute to my favorite classic game, Tunnels of Doom. My parents bought me a TI-99/4A in the early eighties. It was my first computer, and while I used it for education and basic programming, I got the most fun out of it playing games. While shopping in KMart one day, I went into the electronics corral, where they had the Vic20, Atari, and TI stuff. I convinced my Mom to buy Tunnels of Doom, or ToD as it is called in Classic Gaming circles. My friend George and I spent many hours on the Quest of the King, looking for Touchstones, Orbs of Power, and fighting Orcs, Imps, and Kobolds.

ToD Resources

An exclusive interview with Tunnels of Doom author, Kevin Kenney
Interviews with Tunnels of Doom musician, Hank Mishkoff
New Content, 2022-10-08 Play ToD on your MiSTer or PC
ToD Sounds
ToD Images (20090917 TOD Manual and images, courtesy of Lana Trzczka)


Many thanks of course to Kevin Kenney, for the games themselves, and for doing the interview and taking lots of time to make this page possible. Thanks to rpeppersack for sending me excellent screen shots from inside the game. Thanks to toucan for hooking me up with the Hank Mishkoff angle. Thanks to Hank Mishkoff for allowing Dan Eicher, Charles Good and I to interview him. Thanks to Dan Eicher for allowing me to use the Hank Mishkoff interview content.


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