Edward J. Burns

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Put my experience and education to work in a creatively challenging organization dedicated to producing world-class software through efficient application of software engineering practices.


I have developed my career with proven distinctions in three related core competencies: software development, technical writer, and training/developer relations.

Software Development

Oracle America, Inc.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Silicon Graphics: 1995-06 — 1997-01, Core Engineer for Web Authoring Tool, Mountain View, CA

National Center for Supercomputing Applications: 1994-08 — 1995-06, Developer for Mosaic for X, Champaign, IL International Business Machines: 1992-01 — 1994-05, Networking Systems division, Research Triangle Park, NC

Technical Writer

Published Books with McGraw-Hill Professional

Technical Blog

Trainer and Developer Relations

I have over thirteen years of extensive international conference speaking and training experience, having developed and delivered a broad range of conference sessions and full day training workshops on a wide array of software topics. I started with sessions and trainings on JSF and J2EE in 2005 and continue in the present day with Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud technologies.

A complete list of my sessions and training is at <http://purl.oclc.org/NET/edburns/speaking-engagements/>


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Engineering Co-Op program, Computer Science Curriculum. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with International minor in Germanic Studies, emphasis on computer music. Degree Date: Spring 1995. GPA: 4.3/5.0


Java, Java EE, HTTP/2, Go, Python, Swift, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Etcd, Redis, Ansible, Mesos/Maraton, AJAX, SOA, JNI, C++, C, Perl, UML, XSL, XML, SOAP, J2EE, Struts, CSS, HTML, CGI, Fortify, Git, Mercurial, svn, SQL, JavaScript, NodeJS, JAX/RS, Continuous Integration (Jenkins/GitLab), JSON, swagger/OpenAPI, Objective C, Fortran, Assembly, LISP, Rexx; COM, Emacs, Purify, gdb, dbx, performance analyzers, test driven development; Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Distributed Networks, Sun Certified Java 2 Architect


Alan Braverman

Doug Beeferman

James Gosling

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