The Interview Subjects

  Name Link Rock-star Cred
Software Technology Experts
Rod Johnson Biography Creator of Spring Framework, the guy who brought
Inversion of Control into the mainstream
Adrian Colyer Blog Renowned Aspect Oriented Programming Expert
Chris Wilson Blog Co-author of NCSA Mosaic for Windows and Chief Architect for Microsoft Internet Explorer
Nikhil Kothari Blog Lead Architect of Microsoft ASP.Net
Hani Suleiman Blog Consultant, Famous Blogger
James Gosling Blog Father of Java
Kohsuke Kawaguchi Homepage Extremely Prolific Hacker, Creator of Hudson, the best free continuous integration engine.
The Java Posse Homepage The most popular Java Podcast
Software Pedegogy Experts
Herb Schildt Biography The world's best selling programming author
Floyd Marinescu Floyd's Current Project Built into the predominant community of
Enterprise Java Developers
Software Development Experts
Andy Hunt Blog Co-founder of the Pragmatic Programmers LLC.
Dave Thomas Wikipedia Entry Object Oriented Software Pioneer
Max Levchin and Libor Michalek Max's Wikipedia Entry Max: Co-founder and former CTO of PayPal. Libor: Co-founder of
Weird Al Yankovic Home Page The Programmer's Rock Star